10 Ways to be Killed by Chocolate part 3!

1 ChocolateĀ  Avalanche (Chocolanch!)

2 Chocolate knife to the throat!

3 Candy land invades earth!

4 Flattened by a chocolate steam roller!

5 Chocolate Tsunami!

6 Eating a Chocolate Jellyfish

7 Shot by a Chocolate M98B sniper rifle

8 Chocolate arrow to the knee!

9 Chocolate troll!

10 Chocolate syrup whirlpool!


Give Me some more ways to be killed by chocolate for your chance to have yours in part 4!

And be sure to check parts 2 and 1.

edited and inspired by Kyle and Tommy

10 thoughts on “10 Ways to be Killed by Chocolate part 3!

  1. Hi Jordan,
    Your chocolate list was really cool. I thought the sniper rifle was funny. Right now we are reading chocolate Fever. Have you ever read that book.
    thank you for the help with the avatar.


  2. Arrow to the knee jokes… You just made them more epic..
    and I have another one for you…drowning in chocolate.
    Do you play skyrim?

    • hey yellowdolphin thanks for the comment, I have drowning in chocolate but if u can give me a unique way to drown I think it would go in Pt 4!

      P.S yes i do play scyrim do u if so what race r u and what level?

  3. Hi Jordan,
    It sounds like you have a really good imagination about how chocolate could kill you. I also read your post on skate boarding which sound very cool.
    I really like your blog.

    – Jessica L šŸ™‚

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